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Top Tips For Hay Fever Season



With hay fever season in full swing here are some tips for trying to reduce symptoms:

  • Rub some Vaseline on the inside of each nostril to catch any pollen entering the nasal passage
  • Avoid drying clothes outdoors to prevent pollen adhering to them
  • Late morning and late afternoon are peak hours for a high pollen count so keep doors and windows closed in your car and house and if at all possible, try and avoid being outdoors during this period of time
  • Avoid sleeping with your bedroom window open
  • Keep your car windows closed while driving
  • Wear wrap-around sunglasses to prevent pollen from affecting your eyes
  • Have a shower after being outdoors and change your clothes to wash any pollen residue away
  • Avoid areas of grassland
  • If possible get someone else to mow the lawn otherwise wear a mask covering both your mouth and nose
  • Don’t smoke and stay away from others who are smoking as smoke can aggravate hayfever
  • Keep used tea bags in the fridge as these can be used as a cold compress to soothe puffy eyes
  • Keep antihistamines to hand for times when you have a bad allergy attack. Talk to your pharmacist about which antihistamine would be best suited to you.  

Check the pollen count each day on and plan your day accordingly.



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