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What to do if Someone is Having a Heart Attack


  • Make the patient comfortable by sitting them down on the floor with their back leaning against a wall.
  • Give Aspirin 300mg (e.g. Disprin 300mg) and ask them to chew it slowly. Make sure they do not have any allergies to this medication.
  • Write down the time you gave the aspirin at  (this information will be needed by the ambulance team when they arrive)
  • Check if the patient has any medication with them e.g Nitrolingual spray. Some patients may carry a Nitrolingual spray with them if they have been diagnosed with a heart condition previously.
  • Stay with the patient until the ambulance arrives.
  • Monitor the following:
    • Pulse
    • Breathing
    • Responsiveness


Changes in the above may be due to shock. By telling the ambulance team about these changes it can help the team to treat more efficiently.


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