Membership Benefits

What is Healthwave?

Healthwave is changing how pharmacy works in Ireland through its revolutionary subscription service.


Our membership is designed to reduce your prescription costs and provide more convenient access to medication.


Membership costs €25 per year for the whole family.


What are the benefits of joining?

    • The primary benefit of joining is reduced prescription prices.
    • As a member you have access to 50% cheaper medications on average.
    • You can view a selection of our medication prices here.

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  • As well as reduced prescription prices, members can also avail of:
    • Free home delivery anywhere in Ireland*
    • 24 hour Blood Pressure monitoring service

What kind of savings can I make?

A typical member saves between €200 and €500 per year.


Some members have even saved up to €100 per month (€1200 per year).


Savings depend on the type and number of medications you take. We will happily price your prescriptions via phone at 016853086 or by email to:

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* Terms and conditions apply