Healthwave Membership and Prescription Service

These terms apply from 1/2/2021

1. General

The membership service offered by us is subject to these terms and conditions which are additional to the Website Terms and Conditions of Supply.  In particular please note clause 8.2(a) confirming that medicines are non-returnable and non-refundable.

2. Membership

Membership costs €25 per year or €2.99 per month and includes two adults and all children up to 18 years of age.  To register for membership fill out this form.

Persons with a valid full medical card (GMS card) can register at no cost and will not being liable for membership fees as long as their medical card remains valid.

2.1. Benefits

2.1.1 PillPods

We dispense all prescriptions in PillPods by default, a chronological roll of tearable pods personalised to you.

Note: we do not dispense regular medication boxes unless the medication is unsuitable for our PillPods system.

Each PillPod has your medication names along with the date and time they are to be taken printed on the front.

There are some medications that cannot be pack in our PillPods system and will be supplied in separate medication vials or boxes.

2.1.2 OTC Discount

Membership entitles you to 10% off non-prescription medicines and other products in store or online on selected items, but excludes other special offers and “member offers” which are already discounted.

2.1.3 Free Delivery

Membership entitles you to free delivery on

  • all orders over €40
  • medical card prescripitons
  • orders containing a 6 month supply of medications
  • first dispensing of hospital discharge prescriptions

Where free contraception is the only product being ordered, a 6 month supply must be ordered to qualify for free delivery.

2.1.4 Free Contraception

Free contraception is included as a benefit where the following conditions are met

Contraception is dispensed as a 6 month supply

The contraception product being ordered is one of the following six products

  • Desogestrel Rowex
  • Freedonel
  • Freedo
  • Ovreena
  • Cilique
  • Violite

*Only one member per membership can avail of the free contraception benefit*

Only two free deliveries are included per year where one of the above named products is the only product being ordered.

3. Prescription Service

3.1 General

The prescription service is offered by us to members and is subject to these terms and conditions which are additional to the Website Terms and Conditions of Supply.  In particular please note clause 8.2(a) confirming that medicines are non-returnable and non-refundable.

3.2 Registration, Prescription & Consultation

Registration for membership can be done on our website or in store.

Initial ordering of prescription medications requires a digital consultation with one of our pharmacists who will prior to the supply of the medicinal product concerned review the prescription having regard to the pharmaceutical and therapeutic appropriateness of the medicine therapy for you.

Our pharmacists will provide a review which may include a screening for any potential therapy problems which may arise out of the use of any medicinal product that has been prescribed for you.

All medications require a valid prescription from an EU registered doctor.

For all prescription orders you will need to provide us with your original by having your doctor send an electronic prescription to us via Healthmail to or by sending it to us by post. 

We will continue to hold your original prescription and we will allow you purchase permitted repeats of that prescription by telephone provided the prescribed medicinal product is not a restricted one where we are not permitted to fill that prescription without a prior consultation which we will have with you by telephone or in person prior to the refill being send to you by post and/or courier.

If the prescription is for a child (under 18) we can only accept registration by that child’s parent or guardian.  We may ask for proof of identity for both during the registration process.

Only residents of the Republic of Ireland can register for our prescription service.

3.3 Cancellation of orders

Once we start to dispense your prescription (we will tell you) and after that the right to cancel an order, set out in clause 8 of the Website Terms and Conditions of Supply will no longer be available to you.

3.4 Delivery

Orders placed before 12pm on weekdays will be dispatched the same day.

Orders sent with An Post will be delivered 1-2 days after dispatch.

We are not responsible for delays with the An Post service.

Prescription medicines must be delivered to the address on the prescription or your registration form.

In addition they must be signed for at the time of delivery, either by the membership holder or someone authorised on their behalf.

3.5 Payment

All orders must be paid for prior to dispatch.

We will send you a payment link by text message when your order is ready for dispatch where you can enter your card details and pay online.

You accept that delays in delivery your medication caused by non-payment are your responsibility.

3.6 Non Fulfilment

If for any legal, regulatory or other reason we cannot fulfil your order on line, we will contact you and
refund any sums paid.

3.7 Prescription Fees

We do not charge dispensing fees.

We are required by law to charge a government levy on medical card prescriptions.

3.8 Delivered Items

Never use medicines that may have been tampered with.  If the packaging appears open, or you think the prescribed medicines have been tampered with in any way please contact us immediately by calling or emailing us here: and 016853086

3.9 Sensitive Information

Any sensitive information we learn about you as a result of the prescription service will always be stored and
handled in accordance with the Data Protection Acts.

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