PillPods are the latest innovation from Healthwave, a new and simpler way to get your medicines delivered.

Chronological roll of pods

Simply tear and go

Easy to take with you

Watch how it works

What are PillPods?

What are PillPods?

PillPods are a new and simpler way to get your medications delivered. At Healthwave, we have looked at the latest innovations in pharmacy dispensing from across the world and are delighted to be giving Irish patients access to cutting edge care.

PillPods are simply a chronological roll of tearable pods (or pouches).

Each pod is a dosing slot e.g. Monday 1st July Morning medications.

All pods are for a specific date and time which is printed on the pod.

Each time you are due to take medications, you pull the next pod from PillPods roll, tear it and take the pills that are inside.

The beauty of the PillPods system is that you don’t have to organise multiple medication boxes or remember if you took today’s dose.


Our patients love PillPods….

I used to fill my own pill boxes each month and carry it with me to work or when travelling. PillPods are so much easier. I can tear off the amount of days I need and can easily see if I took the last lot.


I take 9 medicines each day and had been using a blister pack system. I am so much happier with PillPods. The medicines are easier to get out, just a little tear to open a pod, and it feels safer not having to touch the medications. 


We think you will too!

Tear and go

PillPods are easy to carry in your pocket

Free Delivery

PillPods are delivered to you anywhere in Ireland

Less Packaging

No more medication boxes or foil strips

Get your PillPods

Find out more about our service and how to switch to PillPods today.

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